Additional Services

Termination Services:


PLEASE NOTE: If you decide to terminate your account, the IRS considers any plan with a remaining balance at the end of the plan year as active whether or not contributions have been made for that particular plan year. We must perform all account functions and submit all IRS reports. Normal fees apply until all plan assets are distributed. We require prepayment of all termination fees. Additional fees will be assessed for non-standard terminations.


  • Final Valuation Reporting
  • Forms 1099R, 945, 1096, & 8109-B:
  • Participant Loans
  • Hardship/QDRO Processing
  • Information & Financial Reconciliation
  • Forms PBGC-1 and PBGC Schedule A
  • Clerical Services (i.e. additional copies, etc.)
  • Rush processing
  • Reruns - Client Request/Error
  • Additional Employee Meetings

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