Consulting Services


Employee Benefit Consultants is continually sought out by the legal and accounting communities to advise them and their clients in resolving complex retirement scenarios. Some of our consulting services include:


  • Complex Initial Plan Design
  • Takeover of Plan Administration
  • Technical Analysis of Plan Specifications and Legal Ramifications
  • Actuarial Consulting
  • Complex and Multiple Calculations for Top-Heavy Status, Maximum Benefit, Annual Additions, Deduction Limits, Incidental Insurance Limits, and Employee Contributions
  • Waiver of Minimum Funding
  • Minimum Distribution Calculation
  • Quarterly Contribution Recalculations
  • Maintaining Participant Directed Accounts
  • Retirement and Termination Calculations including Qualified Plan Distribution Notice
  • FASB Reports
  • Plan Amendments
  • Technical Plan Reviews Because of Legislative Changes
  • Plan Audits by IRS, DOL, and/or PBGC
  • Plan Terminations or Partial Plan Terminations Plan Mergers, Consolidation or Transfer of Plan Assets


All annual 5500 forms are now required by the Department of Labor to be filed electronically by the Plan Administrator. As Third Party Administrators, we will assist you in obtaining your signature credentials for filing and will publish your form for you. All you will have to do is sign and click!



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