On-Going Administration

We provide the finest client follow up in the industry. We are real people responding to real people! We provide annual, semi-annual or quarterly services for the maintenance of records for your plan and participants. Also included are the necessary filings for the IRS, DOL and disclosure to plan participants. Answers to your ongoing questions are only a phone call away!


Our services

  • Periodic Collection and Analysis of Employee Census Information
  • Collection and Analysis of Fund Activity Data
  • Preparation of Plan Financial Reconciliations
  • Calculation of Plan Contribution Requirements
  • Telephone Inquiries
  • Monitoring of Single Plan Top-Heavy Status maximum Benefit/Annual Additions, Deduction Limits, Incidental Insurance Limits, Participant and Coverage Tests, Non-discrimination Test.
  • Provision and processing of all administrative forms such as Pre-Retirement Survivor Annuity, Joint & Survivor Notice, Waiver and Spousal Consent Forms.
  • Forms 5500-C/R or 5500-EZ and Accompanying Schedules
  • Provision of Annual Actuarial Report, if applicable
  • Generation of Annual Valuation Report
  • Preparation of Individual Employee Statements
  • Client review of Annual Reporting


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